Free iPod Video Converter Software – How to Convert DVDs & Videos to iPod Format for Free

So, you have all kinds of videos that you would like to play on your iPod but you have no idea how to do this? Well, luckily there is software available online that can help you do this.

The first software package is called Free iPod Video Converter. This program will provide you with an easy, complete way in which to completely convert all of your popular video formats to iPod video, which can also handle batches of material at the same time. So, if you have DVD or VHS video to convert, this program will work well for you. The best part is that this program is free and does not contain any spyware or ads of any kind. Your iPod video will both look and sound great thanks to this program, its wizard and detailed HTML help file. It is also great that you can both install and uninstall this software.

Your other option is to use Videora iPod Converter, which is also a free program. It will allow you to convert any of the regular video files that you have on your computer into the iPod format. The company who owns the copyright to this software also has a program that is called Videora, which allows you to automatically download, convert and copy video. It is based on BitTorrent and RSS technology. The entire program is only 6.37MB and it is freeware.

For this reason, they do request that you give them a small donation to help support the development of this program. Of course, they do not force you to do this but it is an option that they request for you to consider. They do offer you good customer support though. You are also asked to report any bugs in the program or give them ideas for features that you would like to see them include in future versions of this program. There are special areas in their forums for this. Otherwise there is a link that you must use if you need anything because they plainly tell you that they are not going to answer an emails.

Esstensials of Email Converting Software

Email converter software has become extremely common, with the majority of emails, especially in professional and commercial use being saved in a wide variety of different formats. Therefore, it is important to get such software so that the emails can be in one particular format for ease of use and convenience. This article would serve as a useful guide for you to understand the reasons you need such software, as well as provide you with some tips to buy these apps.

In situations where you find that you have received an email in a format, which you are not familiar with, then you can use such programs to convert them into an environment, which is known to you. Sometimes, you may have to send certain files, which are not in Outlook Express extension. Therefore, you can always use such programs to convert them into a form that can be sent through email. It is always ideal to buy software, which is able to provide you with a wide range of different conversions. In this way, you will not have to invest in different programs and spend a lot of money. It would also be easy to use, and you will not have to keep getting used to different environments.

If you want all your emails in one format, especially PDF formats or even in.doc files, then these programs would be the best way to do it. It will help you in keeping a good record of all the emails that you have in a separate file or drive, so that they can be used for later reference. You would also be able to have all your correspondence saved in one particular file. This would save you loads of time and trouble, when you want to locate one particular file. There are some emails that can get corrupted, especially if you have loads saved in one email box. Therefore, to deter from such situations, you can always save your emails in one place. In huge organizations, where you need to keep a track of all the emails, this would be a good way of doing that.

In fact, there are some programs in market these days, which are able to easily convert all sorts of data, including all the meta data (email properties that include bcc, cc, sent and receive data, time etc), along with the attachments without any changes to the information during the process. Therefore, to have a proper record of all your correspondence, email converters are the most excellent choice.

Video Converter Software Review – How to Choose the Best Video Converter Software For You

Choosing the best video converter software is like choosing the best car, there is no “one size fits all” program. Before purchasing one, you need to know what files you have and which device you want them converted to. For example, if you want your video files put on your Apple iPhone 3G s or iPod Touch, you need to convert the video to MP4; if you received video made on Mac, you probably need to choose a converter program that is able to convert MOV to other windows media support, like WMV.

The main functionality of most programs is to convert media already on your PC to a compatible format on other PCs or video devices. The main types of uses for such software include: to convert home video, online video and DVD or VCD video.

Basically, we use the following 6 criteria to evaluate video converter software.

Input files

The best video converter software should have the ability to convert a wide variety of input files and allow for maximum compatibility. The powerfulness of a converter’s total performance is usually dependent on the number and breadth of input files.

Output files

A few video formats are enough for most users, but the best video converter software will offer a wide range of users a broad selection of output formats.


The best video converter software should be able to adjust multiple advanced options like video size, codecs, bit rates and frame rates and so on. Most of them are reserved for advanced users, but they should be readily available and easy to find.

Ease of Use

A good program should have a user-friendly and straight-forward interface that can guide users through the process easily. And the best video converter software will include a large number of choices of previously installed codecs, or a place to download necessary ones for free.

Fast speed

While some comprehensive converter programs have powerful function but with very slow speed, the best one should be fast enough.

Help and support

Good converter software’s manufactures should also include a detailed in-program guide, a FAQ online and an email contact. Still Looking for the best video converter software? Click here and you will be in the right place!